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Mastering Effective Security Practice

3 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

This course introduces the fundamentals, concepts, and proven practices in security and loss prevention for security personnel.  The key objective of this course is to equip security personnel...

Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Online

Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is the ability to recognize our behaviors, moods, and impulses, and manage them in a positive way so that we can communicate effectively, empathize with others, manag...

Memorable Meetings

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face Online

In many companies, meetings are notorious for being unproductive and inefficient, a waste of time for all but the most vociferous participants. When run effectively, however, meetings can be a valu...

Next Level Networking

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face Online

Networking usually involves meeting new people who share a profession, industry, or interests. Building connections with the right people at the right time can be crucial for advancing your career,...

Patent Search & Analysis Using Patent Big Data

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

We propose an in-house workshop for your company that provides a practitioner guide to patenting including how to conduct worldwide patent search, and assists your company to explore the roles of p...

Pitch Perfect

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face Online

Imagine being able to speak in public, hold your audience's attention, make a persuasive point, convey your ideas with confidence, clarity and conviction - and walk away with the result you wan...