Certificate & Diploma in Engineering

PSDC offers the Diploma in Engineering program for school leavers to pursue their studies in Electronic Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.

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Our Education Goals

  • Stimulate students' interest to enter careers in operations, services, and manufacturing within the field of Engineering
  • Provide comprehensive technical program to fulfil PSDC members talent needs

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering program introduces students to the ever-evolving field of information technology through a detailed understanding of computer & networking systems.

Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering program offers students an invaluable insight into the world of electronics and the processes involved in this highly-exciting field.

Mechatronic Engineering

The Mechatronic Engineering program offers students the opportunity to specialise in mechatronics through a combination of mechanical engineering with elements of electronic engineering and computer-aided design.

Partners Universities

PSDC Diploma graduates have the opportunity to pursue their further education with some of our prestigious partner universities, in Malaysia and United Kingdom.