Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

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About Our TVET Programs

The PSDC TVET programs provides hands-on skills training to students through its certification program (SKM Level 2 & 3) in Precision Machining Technology, Industrial Automation Technology, and Quality Assurance Technology, and diploma program (DKM Level 4) in Manufacturing Technology (CAD/CAM), Quality Assurance Technology (QAT), and Industrial Automation Technology (IAT).

Precision Machining Technology

The PMT (Level 2 & 3) program provides student with hands-on CNC machining tools training and process planning.

Industrial Automation Technology

The IAT (Level 2 & 3) provides students knowledge to perform 2D & 3D sketching and prepare fabrication and sub-assembling requirements. Students will be exposed to training in Robotics, Industrial Automation (PLC), Electrical Systems, Electronic Systems (Communications, Power, and Control), Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems, and ICT facilities.

Quality Assurance Technology

The QAT (Level 2 & 3) program provides students with basic knowledge in inspection works, tool and equipment handling, manufacturing control processes and also exposes students to systems and procedures which are tested and maintained for production efficiency.