Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General & Admission

Can I walk in for course consultation? Yes, our office are open from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday, for course consultation

What are the minimum entry requirements? The minimum entry requirements are:

  • Malaysian citizens
  • Possess Sijil Berhenti Sekolah after Form 5
Other entry requirements apply, depending on the courses

How can I apply for the courses Please submit your contact details in the enquiry form here and our Student Affairs team will be in touch.

Is there a registration fee?

TVETGDVTSchool of Engineering

How do I pay the registration fee? You can pay the registration fee through various cashless methods, such as telegraphic transfer, ATM transaction, or online banking.

How much do the courses cost? The course fee varies for different programs. Speak to our Student Affairs team for more information.

What is the admission process? You are required to fill in the Admission Form and make payment for the registration fee before getting the offer letter.

What is the employability rate? PSDC’s employability rate is 100%

Financial Aid

Are there any financial aid available? Yes, financial aid is available for those who qualify, including loans and scholarships.

Is Industry Scholarships available? Yes, Industry Scholarships are available for eligible candidates.

Accomodation & Transportation

Is accommodation provided? PSDC do not provide accommodation at the moment. However, we can connect you to reputable Property Representatives to assist you with the accommodation request.

Is transportation to campus provided? PSDC do not provide transportation to campus.