Full Time Program

Certificate in Precision Machining Technology Level 3

The Precision Machining Technology (PMT) Level 3 Program provides students with training in CNC Machining and process planning. It also provides workplace exposure and experience to students through On-Job- Training.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform all given tasks safely.
  • Prepare CNC programs.
  • Operate CNC Milling, CNC Grinding, EDM, and Wire Cut machines effectively.
  • Acquire the JPK SKM Level 3 (MC-050-3:2015) Certificate

Learning Methods

30% theory/classroom sessions and 70% extensive hands-on practical sessions

Entry Requirements

  • Must pass Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu, Science, and English in SPM
  • Must have JPK SKM Level 2 qualification in Machining Operation (JPK Program Code:H-013- 2,MC- 032-2,MC- 050-2:2012)


Skills learned in Precision Machining Technology

  • Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
  • Metrology 3
  • CNC Milling Machine Operation
  • CNC Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) Die Sinking Operation
  • CNC Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) Wire Cut Operation
  • Micro Grinding Operation
  • CNC Grinding Machine Operation
  • Machine Maintenance Supervision
  • Machining Operation Supervision
  • Applied Mathematics 3
  • Technical English 3
  • CAM Milling (MASTERCAM)
  • National Core Abilities 3

Careers or Advancements in Precision Machining Technology

Graduates with JPK SKM Level 3 (MC-050-3:2015) qualifications are eligible to further their studies in the Precision Machining Technology Level 4 (DKM Level 4) Program. Graduates are also able to start their careers as

  • CNC Machinist
  • Technician
  • Programmer




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