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Level Up Your Employee Digital Brand To Accelerate Corporate Success

About This Course

Digitalization warrants new business strategies to drive business wins via technology, internet, and social media. While enjoying the benefit of accessibility into unlimited worldwide markets, company is also facing greater level of global competition as well. Therefore, a well-established digital brand presence for both corporate and employee will be the key to win in this volatile and highly competitive market. 

A well strategized corporate branding in digital worlds requires full alignment from its employee’s personal brand. Your employee shall be the best ambassador to your corporate brand, bring them onboard to build positive personal brand which align, compliment and accelerate the success of your corporate’s digital brand. 

Learning Objectives

  • To review basic concepts for corporate and personal branding 
  • To introduce the theory of total image management, the fundamental understanding to create and build employee’s personal brand 
  • To upskill employee’s competency to build their positive personal brand via appearances, behavior and online content 


Basic business acumen 

Target Audience

  • Employee of Sales and Marketing Team
  • Public Relationship Personnel 
  • Employee Supporting Global Stakeholder 
  • Manager/Employee of Virtual Team 
  • Millennials Employee 

Training Outline

  1.  Your Personal Brand Matter 
  2. Brand Your Digital Brand Via Appearances 
  3. Brand Your Digital Brand Via Behavior
  4. Brand Your Digital Brand Via Content