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The PGIA will be a launchpad which is niche to the digital economy industry, with the intent to produce quality workforce that have the skills, knowledge and competencies needed in the digital economy industry. This indirectly allows Penang and Malaysia to build a healthy talent pipeline for the development of world-class digital and GBS talent, and enable Malaysia to better position itself as the location of choice for digital investments.


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PENANG GBS INDUSTRY-ACADEMY (PGIA) is introduced to address the most critical issues of the mismatch between talent supply and demand and the growing needs for specialised talent in the digital economy industry.

The PGIA focuses on courses and skillsets related to digital economy and targeted at fresh graduates, job seekers, working professionals, academics and business owners. These include introductory of GBS programmes, technical or specialised skillsets as well as management and soft skills to build their capabilities.

The PGIA is intended to equip future graduates, new hires, existing workforce and individuals with skills and knowledge required, hence increase their employability in the digital economy industry.

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Global Skills

A survey was conducted by investPenang and GBS Focus Group to understand, access and identify GBS sector needs.
From the survey, the following required skills are highlighted:


Soft Skills

  • Communication & Engagement
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication

Business &
Organisational Skills

  • Global Leadership & Decision Making
  • Process Improvement & Innovation
  • Operational Analytics

Technical Skills

  • Data Analytics & Algorithms
  • Data Sciences Engineering
  • Computing
  • Research Methods
  • Statistical Techniques

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