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The Premier Learning & Development Institution

The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) was established in 1989 and is the first tripartite, industry-led skills training and education centre in Malaysia. Since its inception, the PSDC has grown phenomenally to become the premier learning institution in the country, dedicated to meet the immediate human resource needs of the business community and to support and strengthen business requirements. It has attained both national and international recognition as a truly successful example of shared learning and a model institution for human resource development to be emulated within and beyond Malaysia.

Over a period of 33 years, the Centre has trained over 200,000 participants through more than 10,000 courses; pioneered local industry development initiatives; assisted in the input and formulation of national policies pertaining to human capital development and contributed directly to the Malaysian workforce transformation initiatives.

In line with its commitment to facilitate industry growth and development, the PSDC executed its Industry 4.0 initiative in 2016, a strategy that supports the new phase of industrial revolution in Malaysia. Moving forward, the PSDC will expand its role and gear towards becoming the Centre of Excellence for Industry 4.0 in Penang and Malaysia by providing leadership, the right platform for learning of best practices, as well as talent development support through its high-end Shared Services facilities to meet the current needs and demands of the industry.


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