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Stress Management

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Online

Would you like your team to be healthier, happier and more productive? Would you like a lower staff turnover due to stress at work? Stress is all around us and affects us all – but it is...

Sun Tzu’s Strategies for Corporate & Personal Success

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

In the 2,500-year-old book, the Art of War, military strategist Sun Tzu’s writes: “Invincibility lies in one’s own hands but the enemy’s vulnerability is of his own making.&...

The Buzan Technique – Effective Thinking for Higher Performance

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

Only 1 % of our brainpower is used, the other 99% is waiting to be unleashed! 

In order for an organization to compete in the market place, be it local or global, the ability to tap...

Victory Over Stress in Current Situation

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Online

Is there a good, bad or positive/ negative stress? What actually is stress, particular in current pandemic situation? 

In the workplace, individuals encounter stressors that can...