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Sun Tzu’s Strategies for Corporate & Personal Success

About This Course

In the 2,500-year-old book, the Art of War, military strategist Sun Tzu’s writes: “Invincibility lies in one’s own hands but the enemy’s vulnerability is of his own making.” 

In good times or bad, Sun Tzu’s military treatise can be counted on to make you a winner. This shall be the theme of Author and international Speaker Khoo Kheng Hor’s program, where he will show you how you could apply key principles from the Art of War to come up with winning strategies in any situation for your own personal success as well as to win ‘battles’ for your corporation. Even if you are already a winner, i.e. successful, it is crucial that you do not lapse into complacency but must yet work harder to ensure your winning streak. 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience


Training Outline

  1.  Introduction to Sun Tzu’s Art of War
  2. Separating Winners From Losers
  3. Effective Generalship
  4. Five Circumstances For Victory