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Level Up Your Employee Digital Brand To Accelerate Corporate Success

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

Digitalization warrants new business strategies to drive business wins via technology, internet, and social media. While enjoying the benefit of accessibility into unlimited worldwide mar...

Managing Time and Preventing Procrastination

1 day(s) HRDC Claimable Online

One of the most repeated phrases you will hear in offices up and down the country is "we don't have enough time" - to which the response is often "work harder!" - leading to...

Mastering Effective Security Practice

3 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

This course introduces the fundamentals, concepts, and proven practices in security and loss prevention for security personnel.  The key objective of this course is to equip security personnel...

Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Online

Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is the ability to recognize our behaviors, moods, and impulses, and manage them in a positive way so that we can communicate effectively, empathize with others, manag...

Pitch Perfect

1 Day day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face Online

Imagine being able to speak in public, hold your audience's attention, make a persuasive point, convey your ideas with confidence, clarity and conviction - and walk away with the result you wan...

Power Up Your Communication Skills!

2 day(s) HRDC Claimable Face to Face

Effective interpersonal relationships with colleagues, managers, customers and clients managed through positive communication have a prevailing impact on organizational success.  Good communic...