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Humanity-Centered Leadership

About This Course

In today’s dynamic environment of unprecedented change, leaders have to raise expectations, motivate, retain, and keep people engaged with purpose and meaning while the business landscape is moving at a dizzying pace. More than just focusing on bottom line profits for shareholders, businesses are obligated to multiple stakeholders for whom governance, transparency, authenticity, trust, corporate responsibility and employee engagement are at an all-time high, forcing leadership to change and evolve.   

At a time when people are connected all the time and have access to information and opportunities 24-7 at their fingertips, people need a compelling reason to ‘follow’ the leader. Employees observe and select companies and leaders who are making a difference toward the greater good of humanity. Leaders who are able to weave personal meaning and purpose in an inspiring vision of the future, communicating the values and capabilities that will be needed and providing the support and resources for them, will far outlive leaders who instruct for outcome delivery alone. 

It is a new business landscape today. Businesses are waking up and leaders must become more conscious to be humanity-centred. Leadership today demands courage to lead with conviction, and the self-awareness and daring to stand for what has to occur in order to bring forth the vision for tomorrow. Humanity-centred leadership is for a new breed of leaders who are inspiring, courageous and enlightened, who want to know about themselves and have their negative egos under control and do the right thing and act for the whole rather than for personal gain. Why this and why now? Because leaders are the reason why employees come to work and do what they do. They need to feel connected to what they do and realise the why of what they do. It is through and with them, leaders can realise the vision for tomorrow. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will have: 

  • Understood the new challenges in business today – the stakes are very different from traditional business models 
  • Learnt the need to Inspire engagement and commitment through authenticity and fairness 
  • Become more self-aware towards humanity-centred leadership and what it will take 
  • Learnt techniques of engagement, motivation, influence and inspiration on the transformation journey 



Target Audience

Mid to Senior Leaders 

Training Outline

  1. The Forces of the ‘New Normal’ of Leadership
  2. Waking Up to a New Reality
  3. Tools for Humanity-Centered Leaders
  4. Leaders and Change