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Lead Management: Democratising Leaders & Followers

About This Course

This workshop serves as a full introduction to the ‘What Makes My Heart Sing?’ (WMMHS) program and focuses on Lead Management. The WMMHS principle provides an understanding of how people can take responsibility for themselves to be happy in their personal lives and professional environment. Their internal motivators are translated into increased satisfaction and productivity in their professional and personal lives.   

In the corporate space, the WMMHS principle provides the Lead Management framework for organizational leaders, as Lead Managers, to apply the internal motivators to lead their team members in a non-threatening manner. Lead Managers focus on a non-coercive environment that encourages staff to self-evaluate and achieve quality work.  

A Lead Manager is very much a democratic leader who shows the way and endeavours to foster responsibility, creativity, confidence, and trust on a journey to quality and business profitability. The Lead Management also acts as a coaching approach for individuals to self –evaluate and foster behavioural change towards improved quality behaviour, performance, production, service and other desires outcomes.   

When Lead Management principles are utilized in corporate spaces the following happens: alignment of team goals, increased employee engagement, less employees stress, decreased turnover, and improved services to customers amongst others. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Internal Motivators vs External Motivators in human behaviour 
  • Understand the five Basic Needs that drive human behaviour
  • Understand Total Behaviour to manage our emotions effectively to achieve quality work 
  • Understand the source of motivation & inspiration to lead ourselves & others 
  • Understand how peoples’ perception shape their realities 
  • Develop lead management leadership principles – a non-coercive & non-blaming leadership style 
  • Coach team members using lead management conversations 
  • Create a need-satisfying environment for better workplace 



Target Audience

All team leaders and members at every level in any organizations 

Training Outline

  1. The Human Motivators
  2. The 5 Basic Needs
  3. The Quality World: The Real You
  4. Total Behavior: Why People Behave the Way They Behave
  5. 3 Perceptual Filters: How People See Their World
  6. Connecting Habits & Aligning Corporate Values
  7. Lead Management: Principles of a Non-Coercive Leadership
  8. Lead Management Coaching: Want, Do, Evaluate, Plan (WDEP)
  9. Role Play: Coaching Conversations