Prototyping Lab (Powered by NI)

The Prototyping Lab was set up to support rapid prototyping activities in control, test & measurement. This lab is equipped with the latest NI technologies ranging from NI LabVIEW Graphical System Design software suite to NI PXI Modular Instruments platform, Embedded System (motion & vision) and NI Robotics platform.

Usage of Lab
  – Circuit Design & Layout
  – Develop and prototype Embedded Vision Systems with NI EVS, NI Smart Camera, and Digital Cameras
  – Develop and prototype Embedded Control Systems with NI CompactRIO and NI  Single-Board RIO
  – Perform Virtual Prototyping with NI SoftMotion & Solidworks
  – Develop and prototype test and measurement systems with NI PXI Platform

Potential Customers
Companies from the electrical and electronics (E&E) or automation sector that require a complete platform to perform test and measurement for their products.