Optimization Techniques in Design for Additive Manufacturing

About This Course

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is increasingly adopted as an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. AM enables the creation of highly complex structures and realises lightweight designs that were once considered non-manufacturable. To maximise the lightweight, high-performance potential of AM, one must consider many factors. Design optimisation, a systematic process to generate the ‘best’ design based on a set of constraints and requirement, can be applied to create advanced structural geometries to optimise components’ strength, reliability and efficiency. Through this program, participants will learn how to unlock the true potential of AM structures by implementing optimisation in their design workflow. 

Learning Objectives



Experience in Mechanical Design and CAD 

Target Audience

Product Design Engineers, Industrial Engineers, R&D Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and 3D Printer Manufacturers. 

Training Outline

  1. Overview of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technologies
  2. Introduction to Optimisation
  3. AM with Topology Optimisation
  4. Optimisation Software Demonstration and Hands-on Workshop