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Mile2 Certified Security Web Application Engineer

About This Course

The Certified Incident Handling Engineer vendor neutral certification is designed to help Incident Handlers, System Administrators, and any General Security Engineers understand how to plan, create and utilize their systems in order to prevent, detect and respond to attacks. In this in-depth training, students will learn step-by-step approaches used by hackers globally, the latest attack vectors and how to safeguard against them, Incident Handling procedures (including developing the process from start to finish and establishing your Incident Handling team), strategies  for each type of attack, recovering from attacks, and much more. 

Graduates of the Mile2: Certified Incident Handling Engineer program obtain real world security knowledge that enables them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses, and help safeguard against threats. 

Learning Objectives



  • A minimum of 24 months' experience in software technologies and security 
  • Sound knowledge of networking and at least one coding language 
  • Understanding of Linux and Open Shell 

Target Audience

Coders, Web Application Engineers, IS Managers, Application Engineers, Developers, and Programmers 

Training Outline

  1. Web Application Security 
  2. OWASP TOP 10 
  3. Threat Modelling and Risk Management 
  4. Application Mapping 
  5. Authentication and Authorization Attacks 
  6. Session Management Attacks 
  7. Application Logic Attacks 
  8. Data Validation
  9. AJAX Attacks 
  10. Code Review and Security Testing 
  11. Web Application Penetration Testing 
  12. Secure SDLC 
  13. Cryptography