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GenAI Innovation using Design Thinking

About This Course

In today's business landscape, individuals, departments, and organizations grapple with the challenges of operating in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and dispersed (VUCA+D) environment. Without the ability to swiftly embrace change, stay relevant in a fast-paced setting, navigate uncertainty with agility, or provide effective leadership amidst ambiguity, entities risk being unable to generate innovative solutions to address their users' unmet needs.

One potent strategy for navigating this terrain is to prioritize innovation over imitation. As Steve Jobs famously stated, "Innovation is the only way to win." This highly interactive workshop aims to reignite participants' innate potential for reimagining, ideating, and prototyping creative, digital, SMART, green, and sustainable products or solutions within their respective industries.

Leveraging feasible technological concepts such as AI, machine learning, VR, automation, computing and data storage, automotive robots and vehicles, AIoT, system integration, renewable energy, wireless communication, cloud computing, SMART tech, or intelligent ecosystems, participants will learn to stay competitive while capitalizing on growth opportunities.

At the heart of this workshop lies Design Thinking, a methodology that integrates creativity and critical thinking to deliver value to users and customers. Design Thinking provides a structured approach for ideating and crafting innovative solutions and experiences that address latent and unmet user needs. By embracing Design Thinking principles, businesses can not only identify users' latent needs but also develop and validate innovative prototypes before execution or launch. In today's dynamic landscape, innovations such as automation, digital transformation,

SMART technology, green and renewable solutions, and sustainability have become essential requisites not only for engineers and designers but also for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and employees across various industries. These innovations have a direct or indirect positive impact on an organization's top and bottom line, as well as on overall customer experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover ways to be brave and bold to think differently and creatively.
  • Apply 5P's Design Thinking methodology to build and/or design creative solutions
  • Be human centric to understand user/customer deep value, challenges and unmet needs
  • Identify problems based on users' frustrations, pains and goals
  • Propose a range of creative ideas as solutions and craft a hypothesis.
  • Design and build actual lo-fi prototypes to be tested by the users.
  • Apply Design Thinking with ease in the organization by identifying a Persona.



Target Audience

Junior to Senior Executive, Senior Managers, Directors, VP and C-Suites who has the passion to build creative and innovative prototypes or solutions.

Training Outline

  1. Principles of GenAI + Design Thinking for Innovation
  2. Design Thinking for Creative, Digital, SMART, Green and Sustainable AI Innovation
  3. Persona, Being human centric and caring
  4. Problem, Identifying the right issue
  5. Propose, Generating a range of creative solutions
  6. Prototype, Build to think and learn
  7. Pivot or Persevere, Validate the solution and refine
  8. Personal/Group Design Thinking Action Plan