Electronics EMC and RF Product Testing

About This Course

The program is developed particularly to enhance practical knowledge in the area of Electronics EMC and RF product testing related. The program has divided into 4 modules which would take 4 days to complete, and the syllabus is well defined from understanding the practical aspects until the demo of practical measurement associated to the Electronics EMC and RF product testing. The program is prepared in collaboration with subject matter experts in the field area and will be delivered by the trainers who have wide experience in the field area.

Learning Objectives

The idea of the program is to give hands-on learning for technicians and engineers in the area.

  • Preventing uncertainty and damaging of RF equipment.
  • Clear understanding of Best Practices of High Frequency Testing setup.
  • Common issues/Error encountered during measurement.
  • Understand the parameter behavior for RF mixer, RF LNA and RF band pass filter.
  • The correct method to characterize phase noise, RF power level, noise level.
  • Technique to conducted & emission spurs, and technique to identified root cause of failures for define test parameters
  • Other practical related issues associated with Electronics EMC and RF product testing


Technicians and engineers who involved with RF or wireless electronics products. (RF device testing, RF development & testing and PCB wireless system)

Target Audience

Technician & Engineer in Test, R&D, QA, RF Validation Designer, PCB Designer & other related departments

Training Outline

  1. Pre-test
    1. Understand the knowledge in electronics EMC and RF product testing.
    2. Understand measurement parameter related to high frequency device and wireless system
  2. Module 2
    1. Understanding on EMC impact of electronics product due to high frequency particularly emission spurs and interference
    2. Understand the hands on electronics EMC and RF product testing
    3. Understanding on measurement parameter related to high frequency device and wireless system
    4. Review type of RF cables and connectors used for high frequency measurement & testing
  3. Module 3
    1. Live demonstration of testing steps and troubleshooting techniques
    2. Method on how to distinguish faulty connectors and cables during the measurement
    3. Discussion on measurement challenges related to EMC and wireless technolog
    4. Online group discussion on method in analyzing typical RF device failure on DC and RF testing
    5. Post-test