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Data Analysis Methods and the Impact to HVM #2

About This Course

This course provides an overview on industrial standard datalog format developed by Teradyne. Learn how to convert STDF from Binary to ASCII format. Use R-based open-source tool to manipulate and generate various statistical reports and how to use this reports in test programs or testers qualification process.

Overview of STDF and R-based ATE data analysis (this module will include a half-day lab to showcase how to use data to identify problems).

Learning Objectives

Successful students will be able to:

  • Understand what is STDF (Standard Test Data Format)
  • Use JMP software featuring data visualization and statistical analysis
  • Use R-based open source tool to generate reports and using it for process, testers and test program qualification


  • A Product or Test Engineer with more than 6 months experience or relevant exposure (e.g. debug engineer, failure analysis engineer, production engineer, etc.)
  • A part of this course use JMP software. Student will need to have the software to practice. Please note that student can download 30 days trial version of this software from JMP's official website.

Target Audience

Product or Test Engineer

Training Outline

  1. Standard Test Data Format (STDF) Specification
  2. Introduction of JMP: Statistical Software

  3. R-based ATE Data Analysis Resources (RADAR)