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Authentic Leadership -Your Narrative Matters

About This Course

Authentic Leadership is: 

  • Understanding people’s behaviour, needs and values. 
  • Improving leadership skill at identifying, understanding and influencing 
  • Involve in team development, growth and performance 
  • Creating environment of trust and empowerment to achieve better results 
  • Improve collaboration by having team members share their ideas, talent and viewpoints to solve problems and develop innovative solutions creatively 

Learning Objectives

What you will learn: 

  • Authenticity – Who am I 
  • Finding Meaning & Purpose through your Narrative  
  • Embracing your Stories and become a better Versions of yourself  
  • Mapping Organization Core Values with your Personal Core Values 
  • To lead and align your organization into the future despite facing uncertainty and anxiety – Cultivating Trust and Respect.  
  • Story-Telling to influence, and not just Story-Telling 
  • Connecting with your Team and engage them emotionally  
  • Inspire your loved ones, friends, colleagues 



Target Audience

All level of leaders 

Training Outline

  1. The Future of Leadership – The Authentic Leader
  2. Setting the Stage for Authentic Leadership  
  3. Your Story Matters – What is your Narrative?
  4. Your Story Matters – Mapping Your Core Values & Keysigth  Core Values
  5. Story-Telling to influence, and not just Story-Telling
  6. The Authentic Leader – Be the Trusted Leader others want to follow
  7. Personal Development Plan