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Advanced RF & Microwave Design & Measurement

About This Course

This level focuses on the design of RF and microwave devices and components. The course starts from microwave transmission line to passive components and active components design until the test and measurement of those components. RF and microwave PCB design which is greatly important and very much relevant in electronic industry especially in the high-speed design. The module concludes with the practical consideration of RF system level.

Learning Objectives

The program aims to deliver the knowledge in RF and microwave fields starting from theory until the final product/prototype evaluation so that each participant, upon completion the program, would be ready to take challenges and work in the RF related industries.



Target Audience

Engineer, RF designer, sales engineer, project manager, technician, government officer, or engineering student.

Training Outline

  2. Transmission Line Design Considerations
  3. RF and Microwave PCB Design
  4. Advanced Impedance Matching Techniques
  5. RF and Microwave Filters
  6. Multi-port RF and Microwave Components
  7. Active RF Component Design
  8. Practical Consideration of RF System Level