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TRIZ - Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving

About This Course

This course intends to explore the basic concept of modern problem solving approach with reference to method invented by a Russian researcher.  Conventional methods such as PDCA, PDSA, though proven to be effective and able to solve problems in the past, may not be appropriate and suitable in present day’s problems.  TRIZ provide an innovative method of solving difficult problems using a more systematic and algorithmic approach. This approach coupled with engineering knowledge will be provide an innovative solution, which will be free from the same old way.


Learning Objectives

  • To apply TRIZ to solve modern problems.
  • Understand the contradiction factors in term of business, administrative and technical in every work process or product design.
  • Develop solutions in the forward manner.
  • Implement the appropriate improvement actions in most effective way.



Target Audience

All personnel in any manufacturing organization or service organization who need to involve in the continuous improvement activities to make the company better survival and business competition.  It is suitable for all management, technical personnel including engineers and technician as well as executives from all areas including production, planning, quality etc.

Training Outline

  1. What is TRIZ – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving?
  2. Basic Terminologies Used in TRIZ
  3. Approach for TRIZ
  4. Alternative Method of Solving Problem
  5. Deriving Solution
  6. Question and Answer Session