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Tips & Tricks In Excel

About This Course

This is a customized course which covers most commonly used tips and tricks to the corporate users to use the power of Microsoft Excel's powerful time-saving features.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, learner will be able to:

  • use Paste Special in special formatting and calculation
  • select cells of a specified type by using Go To Special
  • convert to the correct date/time format
  • create custom fiscal year
  • create shortcut wordings in AutoCorrect
  • create auto calculation in AutoFilter
  • calculate cell colors
  • create custom formula in Data Validation
  • create custom formula in Conditional Formatting


Learners must have Intermediate knowledge & skill in Microsoft Excel

Target Audience

Learners who need to compile and create a powerful analysis report by using the most effective tips & tricks in Microsoft Excel.


Training Outline

  1. Working with Paste Special
  2. Working with Go To Special
  3. Working with Date & Time
  4. Working with AutoCorrect
  5. Calculating Cell Colors
  6. Custom Formula in Data Validation
  7. Custom Formula in Conditional Formatting
  8. Working with Text to Columns
  9. Other Useful Tips & Tricks in Excel