Operational Excellence


This is a Qi Gong Spinal Method. It is developed for those who have limited time to practice Qi Gong and yet want to achieve the benefits of a flexible and healthy spinal system. Spinal wellness is very important to the longevity of human life.

Many of corporate executives may not even be aware that they have a spinal problem in the first place. Whenever they experience neck and shoulder stiffness, over-sitting syndrome and weakening body system, chances are it is because of deteriorating spinal system.

The more we practice this method, the more we recharge and revitalize entire body system. This is simply because of our spinal system includes nervous system and skeletal system connecting to whole body vital organs, tissues, and cells.

Target Audience

All in-house employees in need of:

  • Overcoming spinal disorder
  • Revitalizing nervous system and skeletal system
  • Improving healing and immune system