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RF Fundamental and Measurement Basics

About This Course

This level provides the understanding of RF and microwave engineering fundamental, knowledge on the most important parameters for the RF. You will learn most of the important terminologies and the network parameters used in RF and microwave engineering discipline. You will also gain the necessary knowledge of how to read, analyse and evaluate the datasheet and understand the requirements. The hands-on measurement of the prototypes which will contribute to the practical activities could accelerate the understand and improve the technical know-how of the participants.

Learning Objectives

The program aims to deliver the knowledge in RF and microwave fields starting from theory until the final product/prototype evaluation so that each participant, upon completion the program, would be ready to take challenges and work in the RF related industries.



Target Audience

Engineer, RF designer, sales engineer, project manager, technician, government officer, or engineering student.

Training Outline

  • RF and microwave systems and RF engineering fundamentals
  • Transmission lines and impedance matching techniques
  • Passive and active RF and Microwave components
  • EDS HF software
  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) practical lab works