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Raise Your Voice, Speak Your Truth - Authentic Communication

Course Prerequisites

About This Course

It is not always easy for us to speak ‘our truth’, and this is compounded when the environment and perceived fears abound in our environment. This programme will help identify limiting beliefs that have come in the way of our honouring our voice and truly embrace our authentic self. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will have: 

  • Examined self-limiting beliefs and our inner critic 
  • Explored tools and approaches that can help us embrace authenticity and speak our truth


  • Basic understanding of data management concepts and constructs such as relational database tables
  • Know how different pieces of data logically relate to one another.

Target Audience

All Levels 

Training Outline

  1. Examining Self-Limiting Beliefs and Insecurities
  2. Stepping Up to our Authentic Self