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Python Scripting

About This Course

The goal of this course is to introduce Python. The course will discuss topics necessary for the participant to be able to create and execute Python programs. The lectures and presentations are designed to provide knowledge and experiences to students that serve as a foundation for continued learning of presented areas.

Learning Objectives



No prior programming knowledge is needed. Some programming background will be added advantage.

Target Audience

This course is designed for developers, system administrators, and test engineers, who wish to develop, automate, and test applications and systems using Python.

Training Outline

Day 1

  1. Python Introduction
  2. Python Installation
  3. Python Syntax
  4. Working with Variables in Python
  5. Numeric Operations in Python
  6. Decision Making & Looping

Day 2

  1. Strings
  2. List
  3. Tuples

Day 3

  1. Sets
  2. Dictionaries
  3. Function