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Project Scheduling and Cost Control

About This Course

The key learning objectives of this program include: 

  • Master the fundamental project management knowledge and skills, including the Project Management processes (i.e. project initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing), concepts, tools and techniques 
  • Use work breakdown structure (WBS) and activities to develop a network diagram, including Gantt chart using Microsoft® Project scheduling tool 
  • Know how to calculate project schedules using program evaluation and review technique (PERT) and critical path method (CPM) 
  • Identify, assign, and tabulate resource requirements 
  • Estimate costs and work time using specific levels and estimate types 
  • Plan for contingencies and anticipate variations 
  • Forecast future project performance based on historical data 
  • Using Earned Value Management (EVM) for schedule and cost control 
  • Monitor changes and close out projects on time 
  • Learn, practice and have fun while learning with case studies and exercises! 

With the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the training program, the participants will learn how to plan and manage their project schedule and cost effectively. They would be able to manage the constraints face in any project; limits on time, human resources, materials, budget and specifications. Discover proven ways to work within identified constraints, without letting predefined limits curtail creativity or innovation. 

Learning Objectives



Participants preferably to have some basic Project Management knowledge 

Target Audience

Team Leads, Team Members, Functional Managers, Project Practitioners, Managers, Executives, Engineers and others that are participate or manage small to big projects 

Training Outline

  1. Project Management Essentials
  2. Develop Project Schedule
  3. Project Cost Estimating
  4. Managing Changes Within the Project  
  5. Evaluation and Forecasting 
  6. Project Closing