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Professional Communication at Work

About This Course

Effective interpersonal relationships with colleagues, managers, customers and clients managed through positive communication have a prevailing impact on organizational success.  Good communication is essential to creating a positive work culture where trust and engagement result when people feel heard and valued. 

This engaging 1-day workshop incorporates assessment and practical tools to give an insight and techniques to enhance the participants’ business communication skills, influence upwards, downwards and horizontally. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify barriers to communication and ways to overcome them 
  • Increase confident level in Communication upwards, downwards and horizontally 
  • Improve business communication skills through the use and application of practical tools 
  • Sharpen active listening skills for peers discovery,  solutions fit,  and stronger relationship 



Target Audience

Team Leaders, Executives, Supervisors etc. 

Training Outline

  1. Business Communication Basics
  2. Building Confidence in Communication
  3. Communicate to Convince
  4. Be a Good Listener