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Prioritisation Champion - Overcome Multi-tasking Problem and Increase Productivity!

About This Course

In today's fast-paced and multi-tasking work environment, task prioritizing skill is more important than ever in meeting deadlines, allocating time, and delivering the result.

However, with countless deadlines and limited time, it's easy to become overwhelmed and over-stressed to get things done. That's where this Prioritization Champion workshop comes in – you’ll learn the fun, positive, practical strategies, and tools that you can apply at your workplace immediately to develop your task prioritization skill and help you to make better decision in delivering maximum result.

Learning Objectives

  • Remove the Barrier in Prioritization
    • Do what matters most at work.
  • Power Up Your Workflow
    • The power of one-piece flow.
  • Create Impact
    • The power of collaboration and maximize the impact?
  • Build Habits to Crush Distractions
    • How to reduce interruptions, stay focused on high-priority tasks and increase productivity?



Target Audience

This Prioritization Champion workshop is designed to tackle and remove the barriers amongst entry-level to mid-level positions in task prioritization in the manufacturing industry, Multi-National Corporations, and Global Business Services to become prioritization champions.

Training Outline

  1. Remove the Barrier in Prioritization
  2. Power Up Your Workflow
  3. Create Impact
  4. Build Habits to Crush Distractions