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PMI-ACP® Agile Boot Camp

About This Course

This training prepares and equips you with the knowledge, comprehension and strategy to pass the PMI-ACP® exam. It covers the Agile principles and practices and all the 7 domains (including tools and techniques, knowledge and skills) that are being tested: 

  • Agile Principles and Mindset 

  • Value-Driven Delivery 

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Team Performance 

  • Adaptive Planning 

  • Problem Detection and Resolution 

  • Continuous Improvement 

It includes detailed coverage on popular Agile methods like Scrum, XP, and related methods like Lean and Kanban. Many exercises and case studies are introduced during the boot camp to impress learning. 

The course also includes a copyrighted ‘Agile in a Page’ provides a summary and bird-eye view of the tools and techniques and knowledge and skills of the Agile methods being tested.   In addition, many practice exam questions are included to familiarize yourself with the exam format and style. 

Learning Objectives



 Some basic project training and more than 1 year of leading or participating in project work. 

Target Audience

Project Practitioners, Executives, Engineers, Team Members, Team Leaders, Functional Managers, and Project Managers that participate or manage small to big Agile projects 

Training Outline

  1. Day 1
    • PMI-ACP® Credential, Scope and Steps 

    • Waterfall Model in Managing Projects 

    • Agile Software Development – History 

    • Agile Manifesto 

    • 12 Agile Principals 

    • PM Declaration of Independence 

    • Various Agile methods 

    • Project Chaos Level 

    • Scrum Overview 

    • Characteristic of Scrum 

    • Scrum Framework 

    • Roles in a Scrum Team 

    • Project, Releases and Sprints 

    • Requirement Hierarchy 

    • User Story 

    • Customer Value Prioritization 

    • Prioritization Schemes 

    • Story Map 

    • Product Backlog 

    • Agile Estimation 

    • Story Points 

    • Velocity

  2. Day 2 

    • Scrum Events 

    • Sprint 

    • Sprint Planning Meeting 

    • Time Boxes 

    • Daily Scrum 

    • Sprint Review 

    • Sprint Retrospective 

    • Scrum Artifacts 

    • Product Backlog 

    • Sprint Backlog 

    • Sprint Burn Down Chart 

    • Scalability of Scrum 

    • Extreme Programming (XP) 

    • 5 XP Values 

    • XP Lifecycle 

    • XP Planning and Feedback Loop 

    • Roles in XP 

    • 12 XP Principals 

  3. Day 3 

    • Lean Software Development 

    • 7 Lean Principles 

    • Value Stream Mapping 

    • Kanban 

    • 5 Principles of Kanban 

    • Value Driven Delivery 

    • Adaptive Planning 

    • Problem Detection and Resolution 

    • Agile Methods 

    • Continuous Improvements 

    • Process Tailoring 

    • Next Steps 

    • References