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Patent Search & Analysis Using Patent Big Data

About This Course

We propose an in-house workshop for your company that provides a practitioner guide to patenting including how to conduct worldwide patent search, and assists your company to explore the roles of patent in R&D and business.

Learning Objectives

  • To know what is the different forms of Intellectual Property rights and their functions
  • To know what to prepare for Patent Application
  • Know how to do Patent Search using Free Database (keywords, classification etc)
  • Know how to analyse search results to determine patentability of inventions and identify what aspects of the invention to be modified


Basic knowledge in patent and publications

Target Audience

CEO/CTO/ Head of Department for R&D center/ Technology Division /Engineers/ Scientists/Inventors/ Innovators/Creators

Training Outline

  2. Fundamentals of Patent for Researchers : Learn How To Identify Patentable Features and Draft Statement of Invention
  3. Patent Search and Analysis Using Patent Big Data