Operational Excellence


With today’s emphasis on Lean Manufacturing, MOST® System is contribution in the workflow redesign is quite significant. It is now used worldwide in all the top companies – from USA, Europe to Japan, India and S.E. Asia for line set-up, methods engineering and the most powerful kaizen tool in the world.

MOST® is a proprietary system of H.B. Maynard Inc and is now widely in used in all the top companies in USA, Europe, Japan, China and ASEAN countries. It is the best-known tools for assessment, evaluation and re-design of process cycle time for production line improvement and process kaizen activities, man-machine configuration, process line design and costing of new services.

With MOST® technique, you will be qualified to evaluate process cycle activities for improvement and “Do It Right The First Time” without time wasting trial and error approach. You can design a LEAN Flow production line and specify precisely the manning hours that are required to operate a specific number of machines. You can assess the set-up activities and pre-determine the best method to be used for reducing quick changeover time and wasteful set-up activities. In other words, you can re-engineer and configure a reliable lean workflow without the usual trial and error approach. With MOST® training and certification you can conduct the Total Kaizen Engineering – Upstream and Downstream design changes and improvement very quickly.

With our MOST® certified training, you will become competent to assess product / service design and conduct Kaizen Study with assurance achieving improvement and reduction of waste in all areas of the organization. This includes, production, line design, tooling machine – manpower configuration, packing, shipping and administrative service workload. Additionally, you will learn for the first time, how to establish Inspection Standard for products and services.

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