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Introduction to React.js

About This Course

Want to know how thousands of coders are writing cleaner, more flexible Javascript? Learn how to use Facebook’s open-source Javascript library, React.js, to create user interface components and make your code quicker and easier to work with. On this course, we’ll take a practical approach to building front-end web applications, and you’ll learn how to work more efficiently by creating modular layouts that can be quickly moved around and re-arranged.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand what React is and why it's great for quickly building feature-rich websites
  • Understand React’s main concepts and how they compare to regular Javascript
  • Learn Modern React best practices and hooks
  • Learn how to think about web development in terms of reusable components
  • Learn how to build rich user experiences and fetch data from backend databases
  • Learn how to find and work with the best React libraries and plugins



Target Audience

Engineers, Software, and IT professionals.

Training Outline

1.     Intro to React.js

  • Creating a new project using CodeSandbox
  • Learning the basics of React
  • Using hooks to store and update data

2.     Interactive images and animations

  • Introducing styled components
  • Interacting with and slicing an image using event handlers and hooks
  • Using simple maths to calculate cursor positions

3.     Forms and error handling

  • Learning how to build forms and schemas using Formik and Yup
  • Creating a modal window with different states
  • Building responsive styles

4.     Interacting with data

  • Fetching data from an API
  • Creating a project using the terminal and code editor
  • Using more complex hooks to build interactions and animations