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Introduction to ISO 17025 – Standards for Calibration Laboratory

About This Course

ISO 17025 Awareness, Implementation, and Internal Auditor course is developed to assist testing/calibration laboratories to obtain and sustaining laboratory accreditation. Accreditation has become so closely connected with competence in testing/calibration.  

ISO 17025 is international recognition as the mark of a competent test/calibration lab. Benefits are realized by achieving international recognition of its technical competence gaining the confidence of customers and interested parties, as well as opening doors to new markets both locally and internationally. 

On 15 August 1990, in recognition of ISO 17025, Malaysia established the ‘Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia’ or SAMM to accredit laboratories. Accreditation of these laboratories would be by the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM). 

Learning Objectives

After attending this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe what is ISO 17025 
  • Describe the origin of ISO 17025 
  • List out the internal and external benefits of ISO17025 
  • List out the accreditation process 
  • Describe and interpret the Sections of ISO 17025 



Target Audience

The target audiences include management and technical staff of laboratories in all disciplines who want to gain an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of ISO 17025 and their applications to their organization. 

It is equally beneficial for managers, executives and engineers who are the users of test results and/or calibration data received from external testing or calibration laboratories. 

All the accredited laboratories and laboratories going for accreditation must train all the employees on this basic training. 

Training Outline

  1. Introductions & Course Objectives
  2. Lecture - Overview Of ISO 17025
  3. Exercise – Benefits Of ISO 17025
  4. Lecture – ISO Requirements
  5. Exercise – ISO 17025 Requirements