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Interactive Business Presentation With Microsoft Powerpoint (Basic Level)

About This Course

This is a beginner’s course and aims to give the new user who want to learn the beginning-level PowerPoint skills.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, learner will be able to: 

  • Work in the PowerPoint environment 
  • Open, move around in, and close a presentation 
  • Display different views of a presentation 
  • Save a presentation 
  • Create a presentation based on a ready-made design 
  • Create a photo album 
  • Enter and edit text 
  • Add and manipulate text boxes 
  • Check spelling and choose the best words 
  • Find and replace text and fonts 
  • Change the size, alignment, spacing, and look of text 
  • Change the layout of a slide 
  • Rearrange slides in a presentation 
  • Insert and modify clip art images 
  • Show a presentation 


  • Learners should already know how to use Microsoft Windows and mouse & keyboard
  • Preferable to have knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel

Target Audience

Learners who are new to PowerPoint and needs to know the features of PowerPoint to create a nice business presentation. 

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to PowerPoint 
  2. Creating Presentations in PowerPoint 
  3. Applying Slide Background Styles 
  4. Using Theme in Presentation 
  5. Entering Text in Slide 
  6. Slide Layout 
  7. Inserting Pictures, Clip Art and Shapes 
  8. Delivering a Presentation