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Industrial Collaborative Robot Fundamentals

About This Course

Robotics in industries is evolving quickly in the current era. From the edge of industrial revolution till now, robot has been helping to reduce workload and increase production capability in highly repetitive and short cycle time processes. Robotics arm is one of the best examples in industries. However, these robots are not safe to work beside human. Due to this, for pass few years, collaborative robots have been introduced where the robot is safer and able to work with human around or directly with them. Therefore, this training will uncover how to use collaborative robots, the features, programming and how it can automate task in certain industries.

Learning Objectives

  • To create awareness on robotics automation generally.
  • To learn about collaborative robotics characteristics and performance.
  • To prepare the participant with the basic knowledge on design, development, and deployment of collaborative robotic automation in industries
  • To increase high skill talent pool with the industrial linked knowledge, resourceful and competence



Target Audience

Instructors/Lecturers, Engineers, Technicians, Automation Engineers, Software Engineers from (Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering/ IT/Manufacturing background).

Training Outline