Incoterm 2020, Letter of Credit Operations and Trade Finance

About This Course

nternational trade is a risky business if traders do not know how to interpret where their risk starts and stops.  It’s not just about buying and selling, but also all cost, task and responsibilities along the entire supply chain. Hence knowing the rules and language practice in international trade terms, issued by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on when the passing off the risk of the goods, undertaking the task, cost and payment is of paramount important to trade. 

This training workshop will illustrate to the participants on the various risk mitigation possibilities. It is therefore imperative for all those involved in the processing of international trades be it purchasing, sales, logistics and account& finance, be it front or back office support, to attend this workshop to learn the various international trading terms changes, LC payment term processes and the different form of trade finance. 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience


Training Outline

  1. Incoterms
  2. L/C Operations - As Exporter and Importer 

  3. Various Types of L/C's
  4. Other Trade Financing Availabilities Compare to L/C

  5. Awareness of ISBP Governing UCP Interpretations and URC522 Governing Bill on Collections 

Assignments and/or case studies will be given in between.