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Grasp the Killer Idea

About This Course

Nowadays, the majority of individuals and organizations are acknowledging just how vital creativity is in order to contend with an increasingly complex and mercilessly competitive environment. 

The landscape of our society is changing profoundly. We are in the throes of an extraordinary creative revolution and we need a whole new set of mental and operational tools to deal with it. “Creativity” is most crucial factor for future success, and it is the key mechanism for reinventing customer relationships and achieving greater operational dexterity. 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience


Training Outline

  1. What is GRASP? Different Modes of Thinking
  2.  Reactive Thinking
  3. Proactive Thinking
  4. Generative Thinking. How to Find the Killer Ideas? 
  5. Analytical Thinking
  6. Selective Thinking