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Executives’ Industry 4.0 Transformation: Blockchain for Digital Supply Chain Network

About This Course

With the dawn of Industry 4.0, companies are expected to embrace new and possibly disruptive technologies — from blockchain technology, industrial internet of things (IIOT), and autonomous robots to big data analytics and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 digital technologies will enable innovative business models, the digitisation of products and services, and the digitisation and integration of the global value chain. To best integrate these technologies in Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and Enable processes, and to promote collaboration among buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and partners, Senior Managers need to reshape their supply chains into digital supply chain networks. 

Blockchain’s technological capabilities in securely capturing a single version of truth of all transactions, events, and context through a collective digital ledger resolves trust issues between supply chain stakeholders while meeting the common goal of cost-effectively delivering goods and services to customers with quality, efficiency, traceability, and safety. The aim of this program is to help Executives develop and sharpen their knowledge, strategy, and vision in the Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation through easy-to-understand concepts, pragmatic and relevant process applications, case studies, and participative learning.  

At the end of the program, participants will be able to model the Digital Supply Chain Network with Blockchain technology and gain knowledge and awareness on the tangible and intangible benefits of the Digital Supply Chain. This program will also help participants understand the levels, relevance, priorities, challenges, and impact of digitisation and Blockchain technology, identify opportunities in all aspects of the Digital Supply Chain such as integrated planning and execution, Factory 4.0, logistics visibility, procurement 4.0, smart warehousing, spare parts management, autonomous and intelligent supply chain, as well as Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics. With that, participants will be able to develop transformative strategies and plans for the digitisation of the supply chain network. 

Learning Objectives



Broad understanding of Industry 4.0 and Business Management 

Target Audience

General Managers, Executive Directors, Directors, Supply Chain Managers, Senior Managers, Department Managers, Production Managers, Supervisors, and Professional Executives 

Training Outline

  1. Aligning Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation with the Digital Supply Chain Network Modelhttp://form.jotformpro.com/form/21169089397971
  2. Digital Transformation and Blockchain Tracking Technology in the Digital Supply Chain Networ
  3. Digital Transformation and Blockchain Tracking Opportunities in the Digital Supply Chain
  4. Develop Transformative Strategies and Plans for Digitisation and Blockchain Tracking in the Digital Supply Chain Network