Effective Supervisory Skills

About This Course

Are you new to a supervisory position or wish to expand your skill set to be able to handle and supervise staff? Or do you want to reinforce your existing skills and experience with some focused training? We can provide you with a one day solution in public or private format, which will enhance your performance and the results of your team. As a supervisor, you are the key link between management and the rest of your operational workforce, and you must perform the twin functions of communicating management messages to staff, and ensuring those staff meet their performance targets. To maximise effectiveness of the training, we examine and refine your existing skills, and develop new skills in practical and interactive sessions. The result? Trained properly and empowered with the right skill set, you will lead a better motivated and more productive team. 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience


Training Outline

  1. Defining Your Role 
  2. Effective Communications
  3. Active Listening Skills 
  4. Successful Delegation
  5. Emotional Excellence at the Workplace
  6. Conducting Meetings 
  7. Motivating Employees
  8. Managing Employee Performance and Discipline 
  9. Moving Forward with Your Role