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Effective Project Management With Microsoft Project (Basic Level)

About This Course

This training provides hands on lab training for Microsoft Project, leading participants through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution. Topics include adding activities, assigning resources, and creating a baseline. Participants also gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. 

Learning Objectives

The participant should be able to automate project task, and create relevant chart to track the progress of the project.


  • Project planning/management fundamentals (preferable). 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Window 

Target Audience

Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Planners and Schedulers. 

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Project 
  2. Getting Started with Project Online (only available in Project Online) 
  3. Setup Working Time 
  4. Working with Tasks 
  5. Linking Tasks 
  6. Reporting