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Effective Performance Appraisal

About This Course

Performance appraisal can be the most powerful instrument managers or supervisors could use to mobilize the energy of every employee toward the achievement of strategic goals.  Therefore, it is essential for seniors and managers to master the challenges of conducting appraisals and thoroughly understand what qualifies as ‘best practices’ to help focus every employee’s attention in line with the company’s vision. 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience

All managers and team leaders who need to deal with grievances and discipline in the workplace who wish to understand good practice and the issued involved in this complex area 

Training Outline

  1. The Purpose of Performance Appraisal – An Overview
  2. Enhancing Your Performance Assessment Skills
  3. How to Write a Fair and Impartial Appraisal
  4. The Professional Way in Conducting a Performance Review
  5. Overcoming Sticky Situations During a Performance Appraisal Session
  6. Post-Appraisal Follow-Up
  7. Skills Practice