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Creative Thinking and Innovation -Spark Innovation & Build Prototypes using Design Thinking

About This Course

Today individuals, departments and organizations are operating in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world. Without being able to either embrace change quickly, being relevant in a fast-paced environment, being nimble in encountering the reality of uncertainty or being able to lead in this ambiguous world, departments or organizations will not be able create new creative solutions to meet their user’s unmet needs. 

One way to lead is to innovate and not imitate. As Steve Job’s once quoted, “Innovation is the only way to win”. Hence, this highly interactive and hands-on Design Thinking workshop will reignite the individual’s inner potential to reimagine, ideate and innovate creative products or solutions for your organization to stay competitive and the same time take advantage of the growth potential. 

Design thinking refers to both creativity and critical thinking used during the process to bring value to customers. It is a structured methodology used by design thinkers to ideate and deliver products or services and experiences that addresses latent and unmet needs of users. By adopting Design Thinking principles, a business can not only identify the latent needs of end users but also develop innovative prototypes to meet the needs, thereafter validate and test them before execution or launch. 

Today Design Thinking has become a fundamental requirement to not only engineers and designers but for start-ups, entrepreneurs and employees in the organizations from any given department to design creative and innovation solutions for their users which directly or indirectly has a positive impact to their top and bottom line and overall customer experience. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discover ways to build up courage to think differently and creatively 
  • Apply Design Thinking methodology for new creative solutions 
  • Be human-centered in understanding user or business problems 
  • Identify wicked problems based on users’ pains points and goals 
  • Propose a range of creative ideas as solutions for the problem 
  • Design and build actual prototypes to be tested by the users. 


All participants should prepare some white drawing papers (i.e. A4 or A3 size), pencils, an eraser, a ruler, and colored pens to sketch their low fidelity prototype.  

Participants will be using PowerPoint to prototype, however any Sketching App, Prototyping App or Cloud based Tool such as Figma or Moqups which they are familiar with to sketch and share their prototypes digitally is always encouraged.  

Participants are encouraged to align internally and advise the facilitator which will be the preferred method to prototype their idea and innovation. 

Target Audience

Junior to Senior Executives, Managers to Senior Managers from engineering or any given department who has the passion for creativity and innovation to solve a user’s problems. 

Training Outline

  1. Principles of Design Thinking
  2. Creativity, Innovation & Design Thinking Methodology
  3. Persona – Being Human-centric and Caring
  4. Problem – Identifying the Right Issue
  5. Ideate – Generating a Range of Creative Solutions
  6. Prototype – Build to Think and Learn
  7. Pivot or Persevere – Validate the Solution and Refine
  8. Personal Design Thinking Action Plan