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Communicating and Influencing with Confidence

About This Course

Communicating and Influencing with Confidence program is specially designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective self-leadership, communications, influencing, and relationship building skills. It attains to expose participants to the intricacies of self-leadership and interpersonal communications; including influencing, convincing and relationship-building (especially TRUST) with confidence.  

People with strong communication skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. They are perceived as more calm, confident, and charismatic, qualities that are often endearing or appealing to others. From one-on-one discussions to group presentations, from listening effectively to asking questions, people can get positive results using proven communication and interpersonal techniques.  

This program will ultimately enable the participants to be more competent leader, influencer and professional communicator/relationship builder. 

Learning Objectives

  • Get much better results and boost of self confidence in presenting your points across (communicating and influencing others) 
  • Putting yourself across with power words/phrases/posture (body language, gestures) 
  • Increase your visibility and your credibility by sharing information/influences 
  • Creating attention, interest and response with powerful techniques/flexible tools 
  • Make leadership and influencing count with timeless action tips 
  • How to influence without the need for position power or authority 



Target Audience

All employees  

Training Outline

  1. Starting a Communication and Influence Strategy
  2. The Communication Dynamics
  3. How About Non-Verbal Communication?
  4. Emotions and New Behavior
  5. Reframing and Programming your Future
  6. Communicating and Influencing with Impact 
  7. Action Learning Plan