Awaken The Leader In You

About This Course

Authentic Leadership is: 

  • Understanding people’s behaviour, needs and values. 
  • Improving leadership skill at identifying, understanding and influencing 
  • Involve in team development, growth and performance 
  • Creating environment of trust and empowerment to achieve better results 
  • Improve collaboration by having team members share their ideas, talent and viewpoints to solve problems and develop innovative solutions creatively 

Learning Objectives




Target Audience


Training Outline

  1. Awaken the leaders in You – Your Leadership Matters, Key Principles Underlining the Intersection of the 3 Core Leadership Essentials
  2. Embracing and Explore techniques for developing self and other awareness to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with Teams.
  3. Creating and cultivating a strong team through effective Delegation through Empathy, Trust and Connections.
  4. Acquire Leadership skillsets to engage and cultivating your Teams to work towards a common Organizational Goal and Purpose.
  5. Blending and Synergy of Styles with Overall Debriefing and Comparisons using Cross Sharing and Key Observations
  6. HOTS - Holistic Organization Transformation System  Framework as Foundation to drive new Leadership Decision making behaviors