Assertive Communication for Conflict Management

About This Course

Assertive communication enables employees to reach to the agreement and alignment of differences by fostering open conversation with others in an organization.

This one-day engaging workshop incorporates practical tools and methodologies to the participants in leaning to speak assertively and allow other to share their opinion. Eventually, they will come out the mutual-agreed ideas, make the win-win decisions, and then act on agreed decisions with colleagues.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what conflict management and different techniques to handle it
  • Master your mind- be focused to what to achieve
  • Increase confident level to communicate with the aggressive communicators
  • Practice assertive communication for team collaboration



Target Audience

Managers, Executives and etc

Training Outline

  1. About Workplace Conflict
  2. Workplace Communication Styles
  3. Building confidence in Communication- ‘Speak Up’
  4. Practice Assertive Communication at workplace