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Advanced PCB Technologies

About This Course

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are the building block for mounting semiconductor packages as an integrated system. This course share the PCB fabrication process and its advancement in buildup PCB for heterogeneous integration. This also include embedded technologies for heterogeneous integration.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of this course are to strengthen the know-how of professionals in IC packaging so that they can enhance their career opportunities in Semiconductor industry. The course shares the SMT assembly and soldering materials inclusive of the PCB fabrication and types of IC carriers for advanced packaging. Key fabrication processes such as drilling, patterning, plating, solder resist etc will be shared during the course. The various build up PCB technology from coreless, lamination, carriers inclusive of various micro-via technologies of laser, photo, plasma and paste will be review. The integrated approach of embedded active and devices meet the heterogeneous integration need will also be discussed. This will boost participants' knowledge to innovate on new packaging technologies for various applications. Learn everything from leadframe, substrate to flex to enhance your professional knowledge and increase your return to your organization. The learning will be reinforced through problem base solving.



Target Audience

Directors, managers, process engineers, R&D engineers working in the areas of Microelectronics packaging

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to PCB and Surface Mount Technologies
  2. Rigid substrate
  3. Build up Substrate Technologies
  4. Embedded Technologies for Heterogeneous Integration