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Thinking Outside the Box & Problem Solving Skills

About This Course

Whoever said that he / she do not have a problem must be very ignorant about life. So we have a problem. Are we going to wallow in it and do nothing? Answer = No! When faced with a problem, we have to analyse it, make a decision and find a solution. There is a step-by-step method for Thinking Out of the Box (TOB) to come to a decision or the solution. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define Think Out of the Box (TOB) creative problem solving. 
  • Be familiar with common mental blocks to thinking out of the box process. 
  • Explore ways to be more creative. 
  • Know the steps to the creative problem solving process. 
  • Be familiar with TOB Tools: Brainstorming, Mind mapping and Multivoting 
  • Apply tools to solve a problem.



Target Audience

This Think Out of the Box (TOB) workshop is targeted to executives, engineers, technicians, supervisors and managers. 

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to TOB Creative Thinking
  2. What is TOB Creative Problem Solving?
  3. Why Don’t We Think Out Of The Box More Often?
  4. How Can We Be More Creative?
  5. What is the TOB Creative Problem Solving Process?
  6. What are Some Other Specific TOB Creative Problem Solving Tools And Techniques?
  7. TOB Creative Problem Solving Styles
  8. Application of Learning