RF Sub-System Evaluation & Measurement

About This Course

This level covers the introduction to microwave system level and the introduction to RF front end design. The time domain reflectometry (TDR) and its applications will be included together with the link budget calculation which is one of the important skills in the RF system level evaluation, design, and planning. The Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) practical lab works in testing and measuring various types of RF and microwave devices and components will be a truly hands-on module that the participants find it very useful.

Learning Objectives

The program aims to deliver the knowledge in RF and microwave fields starting from theory until the final product/prototype evaluation so that each participant, upon completion the program, would be ready to take challenges and work in the RF related industries.



Target Audience

Engineer, RF designer, sales engineer, project manager, technician, government officer, or engineering student.

Training Outline

  2. Introduction to Microwave System Level
  3. Introduction to RF Front End Design
  4. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
  5. Link Budget Calculation and Simulation
  6. Advanced Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Measurement